about POSER:

A single story about life, told in the perspective of three teenagers.

The realistic side of being a teenager is exposed in the new, original drama television series POSER; where the personal lives of three university students try to overcome the toughest of situations, while balancing those closest to them.  Told in the perspective of Jaken Essenté (Tyler Metcalf), Connor Jemlis (Conway Gaskin) and Kyler Stalp (Yasmin Neale), POSER is a new and edgy story of the truth behind the older teenage years waiting to be told.  Through these three main character’s lives, viewers are in a surprise for what really happens behind closed doors when personal lives are revealed.

how POSER came to be:

Written five years ago, POSER was a continuing short story written by Alley Wilson throughout her high school years, “POSER was something for me to do while I was trying to figure out who I was.  Everyone goes through an identity crisis phase, questioning who they are, what their purpose in life is… I was trying to figure out mine.  POSER helped me with that.”  With a lot going on in her personal and social life, and friends turning to Alley with situations that seemed impossible at the time to bare with or help control, writing POSER gave Alley a change to figure out those complex problems and come to a solution in her story writing, even if she couldn’t in real life.  “POSER was a way for me to help my friend’s problems and my own problems when I wasn’t able to in real life.  And before I knew it, I became attached to the characters I had wrriten.  Every word they said, every move they made – these characters were real.”  After Alley’s friends in high school saw her writing everyday and asked to read POSER, Alley finally allowed two of her closest friends – Sara Jenkins and Michelle Haid to read them.  “They loved it, at least they told me they did! And having them as engaged into the characters and as aborsed into them as I was, was a thrilling feeling.  I wanted to share that with the world.  I have the greatest people in my life.  After about a million no’s from TV stations saying that POSER wasn’t something they wanted, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I asked a few of my friends in my broadcasting program to help me get POSER on its feet and before I knew it – it was picked up by Rogers and ready to air.  I wish I could give every single person who helped with this project the world and more.  But until then, I just want to tell thank you.  They made my dream come true.

thank you:

i would just like to thank all of the cast, crew members, extras and those who came to help when they could; especially those who dedicated their time, energy and strength into this show for almost 8 months.  over that time, we’ve all become not only co-workers and  friends but a POSER family. i am so proud of you all and you not only made my dream come true, but i hope i helped a little to make yours too.






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