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Jaken “Jay” Essenté played by Tyler Metcalf

Jaken comes off as a not so quite nice guy; but he has his reasons.  With a mother who was never there for him as a child, a father

who worked long hours just to support their family and a younger brother who is oblivious to this all, it’s not wonder Jaken has thick skin.

Connor Jemlis played by Conway Gaskin

Connor is an only child to a single parent home.  Even though he’s more fortunate than his best friend Jaken, growing up for Connor wasn’t easy.  His father passed away when he was young and his extended family doesn’t quite accept his sexuality.

Kyler “Ky” Stalp played by Yasmin Neale

Ky just recently became friends with Jaken and Connor after moving into her new adoptive home a few years back.  Little is known about Ky’s past, except that her mother gave her up at a young age.  Ky is ‘one of the guys,’ which she doesn’t mind too much, but her lack of past does affect her future.

Logan Mitioner played by Romaine Waite

Logan is the new kid in town who’s making a name for himself, and he’s making it fast.  He may hang around the wrong crowd, but that doesn’t stop him from getting to know Connor… and getting on Jaken’s bad side. Logan also has a game he likes to play which involves taking people for granted and playing with their feelings.

Bretten “Brett” Thomason played by Mena Massoud

Brett is a funny guy with a lot of theories; at least, some people think he’s funny.  He’s not the smartest person academically but he has a reason for it – one that he’s been trying to hide but it slowly catches up to him.  His dad doesn’t make his life any easier at home and his jokes at school get him no where with his crush, Ky.

Cleo Drinle played by Nicole Proctor:

Cleo is a sweet girl coming from a Catholic family who has had an on-and-off again relationship with Jaken since forever.  It pains her that Jaken never opens up to her; not after the hardship he went through with his mom.  But Cleo doesn’t know that and thinks Jaken simply doesn’t like her, which can ultimately cause Jaken his relationship with her.

Gavin Hunter played by Anthony Rella

Gavin doesn’t need an introduction, “You should already know me,” he’ll tell you.  But for the heck of it; Gavin’s a cocky rocker type of guy who thinks he’s pretty much amazing.  What a lot of people don’t know is how much it pains him that his mother isn’t in his life and how much his girlfriend, Chels, means to him.  But of course, he’d never admit that, ever.

Chelsea “Chels” Underwood played by Lena Maripuu

Chelsea moved, but now she’s back – and every guy has noticed…and every girl hates it, but she quickly brushes the rumours of.  Aside from giving Ky a hard time for being ‘one of the guys’ and trying to get Jaken to notice her – Chels tries to ditch Gavin between classes and of course, stay on top of the social ladder.

Hayden Skywalker played by Ayinde Blake

Hayden is the go-to-guy, which is okay, but he wishes that for once people would listen to his problems.  There is only so much a person can handle until they shut down. But he tries his best to be there for his friends, even though guys like Gavin push him around at times.  There is so much Hayden knows about everyone; it’s scary.  And when he sees that no ones life is perfect, not even his, he wonders who he can turn to in his time of need.

Shobana Verma played by Jasmitaa Chhabra

Shobana is a quiet, hardworking girl who gets picked on by Gavin, Logan and Brett on a daily basis. But she quickly meets Connor who accepts her for who she is along with her religion/beliefs.  Shobana gets into some trouble with her parents when they find out she is seeing a guy that is not of her culture; Hayden.

Blake Miles played by Charles Sferrazza

Blake’s best friend is Mikey and well, wherever you see one – there’s the other.  He’s never thought highly of Jaken, Connor or Ky and is very open about it.  But what strikes Blake as ironic is that the ones he thought were his enemies turn out to be his closest friends when he realizes that his parents aren’t who they say they are.

Jordan and Isabelle Essenté (played by Michelle Segal and Allan Brunet)

Jordan and Isabelle are Jaken and Joel’s parents.  They use to be in love, lost it but are trying to recapture it again, and Jaken isn’t helping in anyway.  Isabelle knows she hasn’t been the greatest parent due to her addiction problems.  Jordan on the other hand is just trying to keep his family sane.  He isn’t there most of the time, working two jobs, but he knows something, someday will happen to make them a whole family once again.

Ann Jemlis played by Elena Draganova

Everyone in the neighbourhood knows who Ann is and she is beloved by all.  All the kids are jealous of how cool Connor’s mom is.  She fought in her life to be what she set out to be; a firefighter.  And with things just starting to get back on track after her husband’s unexpected death, the tear in her family due to her son’s sexuality, she meets a man who changes her life forever.

Mr. Jonathan Morit played by Shane Gray

This is Jonathan’s first time as a Teacher’s Assistant.  From the very first day he stepped into his classroom and looked upon his students, he knew they were different.  What he didn’t know was how difficult it would be to stay out of their personal problems.  Then when word spreads about Jonathan having a partner, his assistant job is put into jeopardy.

Kyle Germany played by Andrew Antoine

As a child, Kyle’s goals were to please his parents, yet no matter how many awards he won, or how high his marks were, he could never do it.  Then he meets Ann, a beautiful woman who he for once didn’t have to go out of his way to please likes him, he soon becomes hateful of her son Connor.  Connor is loved by everyone; Ann sees his accomplishments without him having to try.  And Kyle is going to put an end to Connor’s happiness.

Joel Essenté played by Ben Eggert

Joel’s has lived with his grandparents for as long as he can remember, but doesn’t completely understand why.  He knows what cancer is and what it does to someone; he had it and survived.  His brother, Jaken, is his hero, his dad is his best friend and he loves his mom with all his heart but he doesn’t get why everyone keeps arguing over her.  They tell him everything is fine, but just like Jaken, he isn’t stupid.  There’s something gnawing at him about his past when he lived with his parents – but he can’t seem to remember.


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