POSER crew bios

Dennis L. (post-audio editor)

Dennis Lieu currently resides in the Parkdale community of Toronto, a place embodying cultural diversity and individualism. He pursued dramatic arts throughout his high school years and took appreciation to his community’s diverse taste in music and media. Dennis is currently pursuing audio productions in RTA, carrying his experiences in theatre and his love for music to the post-production level.

Sara B.V. (music promotion)

Sara is currently a second year student at Ryerson University for Radio and Television Arts. Not only is she a working student, but a working musician. Sara is the lead singer and songwriter of the indie rock Toronto based band, The Folk. With her band, Sara has played the well known Hillside Music Festival as well as Pop Montreal. When she’s not writing music, Sara enjoys writing comedy skits, and watching live music.

Emma B.V. (music promotion)

Emma Bortolon-Vettor is guitarist to The Folk and currently holds the position as Talent Promotion and Storyboard artist for Poser T.V. As a musician, Emma holds the highest honours in her theory certificates at the Royal Conservatory of Music. She has had the honour of performing two years in a row at the Hillside Music  Festival with The Folk and has shared the stage with Jason Collett, Sarah Harmer, and members from Zeus, Calexico, and Los Lobos. Twin Sister and band mate to Sara Bortolon-Vettor    , their collaborations as The Folk serve as ears for Poser T.V. Emma is passionate about homegrown, Canadian music and looks forward to working with future bands for Poser.

Wil N. (video editor)

Wil Noack is currently attending Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Arts program where he is developing skills pertaining to writing, editing and directing fields of the industry. Above all, he enjoys working with others and creating pieces that truly reflect the joys of being a part of a dedicated team. Throughout his high school career Wil has enjoyed story-telling in all shapes and forms, and now he aspires to bring that passion to the world of radio and television, putting his many ideas onto the screen; one idea at a time.

Michelle H. (photographer)

19 and going through school at Humber College for Creative Photography.
I love, I laugh and I enjoy life.
I take risks and put myself out there.
I love my friends and family, without them I’ve got nothing.
Music & Photography are everything to me and I’m as simple as that.

Lisa A. (promotions)

Lisa is a second year student at Ryerson University in the Radio and Television program. After living in Montreal and Australia, she now lives in downtown Toronto, still traveling every few months. Lisa plans to pursue a career in film and television, whether it be on or off screen. She currently does background work for multiple films and television shows being shot in the Toronto area.

Emily A. (promotions, POSER after-hours host)

Emily Agard is a second year Radio and Television arts student at Ryerson University. When she’s not busy hittin’ the books at school, she hosts a television show on Rogers TV Toronto called, “High School Rush.” She also produces and hosts a weekly radio show entitled “Music Junkie” on, where she interviews Toronto local bands. Notable interviews include: Alex Norman of Ill Scarlett, Luke paquin of Hot Hot Heat, Everlea, Soundspeed/ Degrassi members and many, many more. To learn more about Emily, check out her website at

Tanya M. (promotions)

Hey I’m Tanya! Im from a small town called Bradford which people usually think I’m referring to Brampton. Nope, it’s Carrot Town, people. You get your veggies from us. ANYWAYS, I love writing and hope to one day produce my very own TV show, much like what Alley is doing with POSER. I’m a complete pushover but in the end in benefits my dear friends around me because I’m pretty much a slave for anyone who asks. Yes, thats right; I’m a slaaaave for you. As a promotional person for this show, I promise to be-rid Brittney Spears forever. Oh yeah and I also like long walks on the beach with Alley Wilson herself.

Jen L. (webmaster)

Jennifer Lewis is a Radio and Television Arts student at Ryerson University. She loves television studio, having worked with So You Think You Can Dance Canada, TV Cogeco, and CBC’s Battle of the Blades. Jennifer found her love for writing and directing after working in high school theatre productions. She spends her spare time with family and friends and loves to travel. Jennifer is excited and honored to be a part of the Poser team working with such a talented crew.

Dolena M. (webmaster, actor)

Dolena Matthews is an outgoing twenty year old from Wasaga Beach. She is in her second year of university at Ryerson in the Radio and Television Broadcasting Program. Dolena was an enthusiast in her high school drama production and studio production classes. These experiences have inspired her to become a live broadcast studio director. Leadership is a role she has come extremely comfortable with from being involved in the army cadet program for seven years where she traveled in Europe and throughout Canada. As one of the web personnels for “Poser” Dolena is looking forward to working with this amazing team and is excited for to see where this creative project will go.

Kayla J.(make-up artist)

Kayla Jackson is new to the business, but quickly establishing herself as a true professional. She graduated from Complections International Academy of Makeup Artistry in 2010, and was honoured to be at the top of her class. Having a career in the arts/media seems only natural as most of her life, Kayla grew up performing on stage. In her spare time she still likes to sing and dance, and is a self-admitted “Gleek”. Being a part of the POSER crew has been an amazing experience, and one she hopes will continue and lead to more great opportunities

Nicole P. (webmaster, actor)

Nicole Proctor graduated from Unionville Highschool in the Arts York Drama program, it was here that she discovered her enthusiasm for writing, directing, and acting. From there she went into Ryerson’s Radio and Television program where she could exercise each of her passions. Nicole is so excited about this project and looking forward to expanding and using her creative skills.

Jim M. (logo and website designer)

My name is James Gordon McDonald, but people have called me Jim for as long as I can remember. I was born in Toronto and my life has been split between the city and Glengarry Ontario, where my family has lived for the past two centuries. From an early age I was interested in all forms of media. I’ve played in bands, painted, shot videos, travelled a fair portion of the Western world and finally settled into Ryerson’s RTA program to take my creative interests to a professional level. I’m intensely curious and follow my interests as far as I reasonably can. My area of expertise is Digital Media.

Andrew C. (boom op – episodes 2-4)

Andrew Chung is originally from Morrisburg, ON.  He is currently a Radio and TV Arts student at Ryerson University.

Lucas C. (editor – episodes 4-6)

Lucas is in his 3rd year at Ryerson in the Radio and Television program. He loves editing and hopes to pursue a career in the near future. He is also a Campus Representative for Warner Bros Canada and works with many other production companies as an editor and production assistant.

Collin S. (boom op – 1st episode)

Collin Sideris was born and raised in the suburbs of a tiny little town called Ajax. With a tiny town there was little to do so joining a band and annoying the neighbors seemed like a a good idea. While playing small shows and trying to producing demos occupied some time something was missing and this came in the form of a comm. tech class in high school. This resulted in a new found interest in film which landed him a job as a PA on a couple of film sets with what was becoming a budding new passion. Ryerson and Audio production then followed. Even though film was no longer the focus meeting a few friends with similar tastes in comedy helped to develop the the YouTube web series The El Em Eh Show which helped to keep both areas of interest alive and well. Since then Collin has joined up with the Poser team with a position in Audio and Equipment and looks forward to seeing where it all takes him.

Dylan D. (camera op – 1st episode)

Dylan Dubeau is a man of all trades. He has written, produced and directed a feature film, Less Than Three, which recently has premiered in the Indie Can Toronto Film Festival. Dylan then co-created an online weekly sketch comedy show called, The El Em Eh Show. He also has worked with local Toronto based music artists such as Chris Hau, and The Bloody Five to create a series of music videos and a myriad of graphic design. In addition Dylan has worked at CityTV and at TriCon Films and is currently working at Rogers Communications.

Chris H. (camera op – 1st episode)

Christopher Hau is a high energy videographer and producer from Aurora, Ontario. Chris has worked on various projects over the last few years and is currently working with the Town of newmarket in their communications department. Chris is apart of a local rock and roll band called “The Bloody Five” and is also pursuing his solo acoustic project. Chris’s love for media has broguht him to Ryerson for the Radio and Television Arts program where he can learn and practice his passions. “I’m just looking to create beautiful looking projects and have fun at the same time”

Matt P. (producer and director – episodes 2-6)
Kris G. (boom op – episodes 3-6)
Carly S. (make-up artist)
Christopher R. (photographer)
Karolina W. (script editor)
Allan R. (producer, director, camera op – episodes 2-3)
Arujan R. (producer, director, camera op – episodes 2-3)
Aaron Matthew (editor – episodes 1-2)


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